Homebuyer Programs


Homes on the Hill is a HUD-approved housing counseling agency. Our housing counselors have helped thousands.


Homebuyer Education Workshops

This workshop is available to any Ohio resident. Learn the homebuying process, which provides 8 hours of homebuyer education and training, conducted by a housing counselor and industry professionals. By completing a workshop and getting individual counseling, many of our clients become eligible for down payment assistance toward the purchase of their first home.

Some of the topics are:

Budget & Credit Counseling

These one-on-one sessions are available to any Ohio resident. A housing counselor will teach you how to read your credit report, develop a relationship with a bank, develop a household budget, and create an action plan to improve your credit store and establish savings.

Call 614-275-4663, ext. 101, to make an appointment.

Before your first visit, complete the Financial Capabilities Counseling Packet (.pdf) and bring it with you.

The Belvedere Healthy Living Garden

In 2014, Homes on the Hill created a Rain Garden on a local Land Bank lot. After talking with neighbors about what they wanted in their community, HOTH-CDC created the Belvidere Healthy Living Garden. The Belvidere Healthy Living Garden is a community garden located in the heart of Central Hilltop. The garden is tended by neighbors and HOTH-CDC staff. All food grown is handed out in the community for free.

If you would like to learn more about the garden and how to get involved, please call Daniel Ruggiero at 614-275-4663 ext. 104.

Financial Capabilities

Do you want to manage your finances better? Because HOTH-CDC believes everyone can benefit from smart money habits, we offer free financial capability workshops and one-on-one coaching. These sessions will give you a good understanding about where you stand financially, plus simple hands-on ways to make measureable progress toward your financial goals. Our Housing and Community Development Specialist will be your Finance Mentor Coach, providing you with free financial guidance and help you create a free Financial Action Plan. Develop smart money habits today with budgeting and setting goals, taking charge of your credit, and developing savings. We host financial capability workshops at HOTH-CDC, but we are also happy to take them on the road. Let us know if you would like to host a workshop.

Please call Mark Easterling at 614-275-4663 ext. 105.