Homebuyer Programs


Homes on the Hill is a HUD-approved housing counseling agency. Our housing counselors have helped thousands of households reach their housing goals..


Homebuyer Education Counselling & Workshops

Our homebuyer education is available to any Ohio resident. Meet one- on-one with one of our certified counselors to discuss your personal housing goal, your budget, your credit score, downpayment assistance programs which might work for you and set up an action plan specific to your situation. Homebuyers who are ready to learn more about the process of purchasing a home, and the importance of each professional individual and step in that process, may go on to attend one of our Homebuyer Education Workshops. Our workshops are conducted by one of our HUD Certified housing counselors and often include presentations by other professionals in the housing industry. Those who complete the individual counseling, and the workshop are one step closer to qualifying for downpayment assistance. Our participants often report back to us how grateful they were for the information and the confidence it gave them when buying their first home.

Our Homebuyer Education topics include:

Budget & Credit Counseling

Want to manage your finances better and improve your credit score? Homes on the Hill believes everyone can benefit from smart money habits. Meet one-on-one with a certified counselor as your financial coach, providing free financial guidance and planning help, so you can take charge of your credit, set measurable financial goals, and work your way towards a better financial future.

Our Credit and Budget topics include:

To meet with one of our counselors, you may download a copy of our Financial Counseling application packet from our document center, and submit it to our office, or feel free to connect with our staff to work out the best way to get you started.

The Belvedere Healthy Living Garden

If you would like to learn more in general about the City of Columbus’ community garden opportunities, you can visit htps://www.columbus.gov/landredevelopment/communitygardens/

If you would like to learn more about the Belvedere Healthy Living Garden and how to get involved, we would love to hear from you.