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Landlord Engagement
Action Network

Homes on the Hill recently launched the Landlord Engagement Action Network (LEAN), a network of landlords and tenants on Columbus’ west side. LEAN encourages responsible property management practices among west side landlords and tenants. LEAN empowers the rental community through education, connection, and resolution.

Education – LEAN provides education to landlords through one-on-one counseling with HUD certified counselors.

Connection – LEAN provides the opportunity for landlords and potential tenants to connect. The LEAN program is always in need of more landlords with openings. We regularly receive request from tenants in the market for housing and see the benefits for both tenants and landlords who are able to connect through rental counseling.

Resolution – LEAN connects landlords and tenants to the Greater Hilltop Shalom Zone’s Mediation services. Landlords are able to access a trained  mediator to peacefully resolve a conflict. LEAN encourages its members to utilize these mediation resources whenever possible.

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Eviction Prevention

Are you at risk of eviction, behind on your rent payments or struggling to pay your utilities? There may be more options available to you than you realize. Reach out to us for resources and referrals, financial assistance (when available), or a one-on-one review of your situation and options with one of our housing counselors.

For more assistance resources at your fingertips Franklin County households can refer to the RentFul website:

Budget & Credit Counseling

Want to manage your finances better and improve your credit score? Homes on the Hill believes everyone can benefit from smart money habits. Meet one-on-one with a certified counselor as your financial coach, providing free financial guidance and planning help, so you can take charge of your credit, set measurable financial goals, and work your way towards a better financial future.

How we can help

Homes on the Hill is a not-for-profit organization that develops affordable housing in southwestern Franklin County, Ohio. Our HUD-certified housing counselors help Columbus-area individuals and families become successful renters and homeowners.

How we can help