Lenders & Realtors

Are you a lender or a Realtor®? Refer your clients to us for free education and counseling services. We specialize in low- to moderate-income clients in southwestern Franklin County OH.

Homes on the Hill takes client registration seriously. Although we cannot guarantee each of your referrals will result in a closing for you, we will encourage the relationship you have established with your client.

Foreclosure Prevention Orientation

Are you at risk of foreclosure or just behind on your mortage payments? Attend our foreclosure prevention orientation to get one-on-one assistance and guidance. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss their situation and options available to them. Our counselors are fully trained to provide you with assistance in avoiding foreclosure, including working with your lender, preparing you for mediation, and discussing other available options. We offer an orientation that provides general information about the types of resources and assistance that are available to prevent foreclosure from happening.

Please bring to the Orientation your most recent mortgage statement, information that will assist you in completing a monthly budget worksheet, and a hardship letter if you’ve written one to your lender.

Check the Calendar of Events for scheduling.

How we can help

Homes on the Hill is a not-for-profit organization that develops affordable housing in southwestern Franklin County, Ohio.

How we can help